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...because men deserve to be pampered too!!!

Hand, foot, and nail wellness for Very Special Gentlemen (VSG)


Listen and learn as the owner, Shana Soberanis, discusses why she started the business and the benefits of self-care. 

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Who We Are

The Man Cave Nailcare for Gentlemen, was created with the idea to serve men. Men are often overlooked when it comes to self-care. Some men believe that self-care isn't necessary or that it emasculates them. There are no spas within a 50 mile radius that cater exclusively to men. Mister's Spa for Gentlemen provides private session nail care,  to males ages 13 and up. Any conditions that they may have are discussed confidentially allowing them to feel more relaxed and safe while services are being rendered.


Meet the Creative Mind behind The Man Cave Nailcare for Gentlemen

Shana Nichola Soberanis

Certified Master Pedicurist, Medical Nail Technician

Shana N. Soberanis has an entrepreneurial spirit that is uplifting and persuasive. She owns StyleMeUP! Salon Suites LLC where she provides continuing education services. Her educational credentials include an MBA from Walden University, MS in Information Technology from Capella University, South Carolina Nail Technician license, MediNail Certified Advanced Nail Technologist™, MediNail Certified Medical Nail Technician™, and NASP Certified Master Pedicurist®. Shana has more than 5 years experience in hand/foot wellness. She provided at-home pedicures and manicures care for her mother, a high-risk, diabetic, after a bad experience at a local nail salon. Shana also recognized a need for nail care for men in her family. She invested time and money in her education and was determined to focus her skills on an under-served community: men. As a small business owner, Shana is confident that her experience, skills, and knowledge will ensure the success of The Man Cave.

A place designed with men in mind




Safe and Sanitary


Trained Professionals

Come Experience Relaxation At The Man Cave

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